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The World's Smallest Camera Controller.
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Availability: In Stock Stock:70
Features: Wireless range of 150 feet (45m) Internet connection not required Compose images with Live View Check and adjust critical focus Adjust aperture, shutter, ISO and more Bracketing/HDR bulb mode, focus stacking Advanced time-lapse shooting Monitor video capture Share images and video online with clients or post to social networks Read More >


Wirelessly Tether and Control Your Camera from Any Portable Device

The Case Air connects and transfers images instantly from your camera to a phone, tablet or computer. Control advanced camera settings including focus points, exposure settings, bracketing, time-lapse, and more. View your images on a larger screen to check critical focus and composition, or use Live View or movie mode for real-time capture to share and collaborate as you create.


  • Wirelessly tether to an iPad, iPhone,Android tablet, Android Phone, Windows Computer and Apple Computer
  • Remote camera control and access nearlyevery camera function including focus, exposure, and creative zones such asaperture, shutter, and ISO
  • View your images in Live View from atablet, smartphone or computer
  • Control time-lapse session completely frompersonal device
  • Share images with clients in distantlocations
  • Transfer images for printing on location

Using With Your Hot Shoe:

The Case Air features an integrated hotshoe mount for using on your camera. However, if you need to use your hot shoefor a flash or trigger, you can mount it in one of three other ways.

  1. Using the RapidMount Accessory ExtensionBar, you can mount both the Case Air and flash/trigger on the bar. You wouldplug the Case Air into the USB as normal and then use a sync cord to plug yourflash/trigger into your camera’s sync port.
  2. Using the provided lanyard, you can let theCase Air hang from your camera’s straps eyelet. Since the Case Air is so light,this solution works great and the Case Air lanyard has a quick disconnect toremove it when not in use. Watch a video on setting up the lanyard.
  3. The Case Air features a female 1/4-20 mountingthread. You can use any camera grip gear like a Rock Solid Articulating Armcombined with a clamp to mount to a tripod leg or close by support.

Case Remote App

The Case Remote App, available for free on the Apple Store and on Google Play, is a wireless camera remote controller app that works in tandem with the Case Air Wireless Tethering System. The app features an intuitive design and state-of-the-art performance that makes wireless tethering and remote camera control simple and easy.

iOS (iPhone & iPad) – App Store
Android – Google Play
MacOS – Download
Windows – Download

Small and Lightweight

At just 2.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches and 50 grams in weight, the Case Air is tiny, but features a full list of powerful features proving that great things really do come in small packages. The world’s most compact and powerful wireless camera controller, the Case Air offers similar features to other wireless tethering products in the marketplace at a fraction of the cost and is supported with the best-in-class combination of software, hardware, and customer service.

Connection Setup

To use the Case Air, simply mount to your camera’s hot shoe or secure to your camera using an included lanyard. The Case Air plugs in to the camera’s USB port and creates a Wi-Fi hot spot that allows for a wireless connection to your tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC. Within the app, nearly every camera function can be manipulated, including focus and exposure settings. Once connected you can take advantage of live view, check focus peaking, RGB histogram and grid, control video, and even do specialized tasks like bracketing for HDR, time-lapse shooting, and focus-stacking.


Product Specifications:

                                                                                  Size: 2.64″ (67.25mm) x 1.6″ (40.11mm) x 0.55″ (13.99mm)

                                                                                  Weight: 1.76 ounces (50g)

                                                                                  CPU: 400Mhz MIPS

                                                                                  RAM: 64M DDR2

                                                                                  WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

                                                                                  Distance: 150 feet (45m)

                                                                                  Battery life: 6 hours


First look at Case Air App and hands on with Case Air

by DIYPhotography

Case Remote Air: Affordable Wifi Control

by PhotoRec TV

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