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The STAINLESS wrinkle free shirt
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Features: Water repelling and stain resistant as designed with the hydrophobic structure of the lotus leaf Wrinkle free, no iron needed after washing Made with three-dimensional mesh fabric, four-way stretchable Flying fish breathable underarm netting, no more sweat stain Quick drying with one million micro holes Bottom-down designed shirt with great flexibility, suitable for any occasions Read More >


We grew tired of the balancing act: either our shirts looked great and stained easily, or they were something we weren't worried about getting dirty.

After extensive work, we came up with the Lotushirt: a combination of high-tech material and fashion.

Traditional dress shirts feel stuffy and require ironing each time you wear them, on top of that you worry about staining the clothing while wearing it all day.

The Lotushirt's unique structure means it's both flexible and strong. It bends without breaking, giving you the freedom to move.

Dubbed 'memory fiber' by its inventor, it took a year of research and development before the fabric was first fashioned into a shirt.


Nanotechnology was used to make the surface of the fabric water repellent while allowing it to remain soft and breathable. The outside surface holds back water, while the inside surface acts as a wick.

No Sweat

Some people sweat more than others. The Lotushirt's unique material remains breathable and dry, moving perspiration outside of the shirt without unsightly underarm stains.

Slip and slide

Because of the unique characteristics of the fabric, most liquids, like paint, simply slip off of the Lotushirt.

The Pepsi Challenge


Our shirt is also designed to breathe. With more than one million micro holes, Lotushirt remains comfortable while drying quickly.


Bunched up in a travel case or being worn all day, the Lotushirt won't wrinkle – meaning you'll be using the iron a lot less than usual.

Machine Wash

Some waterproof coatings wash away after one cycle, but the Lotushirt's properties are actually in the fabric, meaning that even after a machine wash, it will still be the same shirt.

Flying Fish structure

Flying Fish breathable underarm netting – a fancy way to say 'breathable underarm' fabric. You won't be bothered by the stuffy feeling with traditional dress shirts.

What's in a name?

We owe our inspiration to the micro-structure of the lotus plant. The Lotushirt fabric mimics the structure of the lotus leaf, leaving you with a shirt that is fade resistant and stays dry.

Fiber Secret Story

Fiber Secret is the product of tech-industry insight combined with cutting edge fabric science- and it all came together over a cup of coffee. Founders Andy Lai and Jeff Yang, both high level Asus employees, wanted to discover more possibilities of their lives and a change from the tech world they had been working for almost 20 years. They discovered that Taiwan has been contributing excellent functional fabrics to world leading sports brands, such as Nike and Adidas; however, none of them has built their own reputations. As native Taiwanese and white collar workers, Andy and Jeff turned their minds to men’s workplace clothing with a focus on innovative fabrics developed in Taiwan. Although only fashion novices, they applied tech-industry development models to the clothing industry. Enter Lotushirt, made from a wrinkle-free, stain-resisting fabric that remains breathable. Unlike anything else on the market, it's poised to redefine workplace wear.



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The STAINLESS wrinkle free shirt The STAINLESS wrinkle free shirt Pre order


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